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scholarship opportunities

The CAFP Foundation is pleased to offer these scholarship and support opportunities for medical students and resdients who are members of the Academy. For more information please Contact Us.







Application Process


National Conference for FM Residents and Medical Students (NCRS) Scholarships



12 scholarships to attend NCRS; weighted toward first time attendees who are not receiving other financial support.  Requires application, review and post-activity report. 


(12 x $750)



The online applications will go live April 1, 2017.

May 15, 2017

NCRS Congress Delegate Travel Stipends



Stipends to attend NCRS for those attending as student or resident delegate to Congress or alternate delegate.  These are most often our Council leaders.


(4 x $600)

Delegates and Alternates are selected in May 2017.

May 15, 2017

Medical Student Research Grant Program



Grants to help support a research project. Half of the stipend is given once the student qualifies and the other half is given after a final report is received.  CAFP-F applies to AAFP-F for $1,250/grant and pays the other half out of our funds.


(2 x $2,500)



The online applications will go live March 1, 2017.

April 15, 2017

Family Medicine Interest Groups



CAFP Foundation supports FMIGs at all medical schools in California, including the osteopathic schools.  AAFP provides $600/allopathic schools – the schools must apply for these; CAFP-F provides the remaining $400 plus the full $1,000 to support the osteopathic schools.


California Northstate University, the first for-profit school in California, joined the FMIG organization in 2016.


(12 x $1,000)



Building Bridges Student Council



Students engage in quarterly discussion about the best ways to promote family medicine at their own schools and statewide. CAFP facilitates many projects that the group decides on.


(Support for co-chair attendance at AMAM, CAFP BOD and NCRS)



Councils are elected in May-June.


Building Bridges Resident Council



Residents have calls quarterly to discuss ways to engage with students and practicing physicians. Student and Resident Councils are on the same calls to promote information sharing and collaboration.


(Support for co-chair attendance at AMAM, CAFP BOD and NCRS)



Councils are elected in May-June.


All Member Advocacy Meeting (AMAM)



CAFP Foundation provides stipends for students and residents to attend the AMAM each year. 


(10 x $250)



The online application period will open January 2, 2017.



February 1, 2017

Residents’ Clinical Forum Poster Contest



This project launched two years ago to support the ACGME milestones for scholarly work.  Residents are encouraged to submit a research or case abstract for review by the MSRAC, which then selects 20 to move forward for full poster.  These 20 are ranked and are invited to show at the FM Clinical Forum.  The Top 10 are invited to present their work on the main stage and two (one in each category) are named “Best in Show.”  The Foundation prints the posters for the residents and all are included in the meeting app and posted on the CAFP website.


($100 x 2 for winning poster prizes)



The call for online abstracts has been made:




January 10, 2017