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Clinical tools and resources

Practical tools, easily used in your office, clinic or medical center, are one of the most frequently requested follow-ups from our continuing professional development and quality/performance improvement projects. We're pleased to offer these "Best Sellers." Are there other tools you would find useful? Contact CAFP with your suggestion or recommendation. 

TEAM-A Website + Toolkit

The Evolution of Anticoagulation Management website and toolkit offers you more than 40 tools and resources to help you manage your patients with A-Fib, who may or may not be an anticoagulation therapy.

CHADS-2 Stroke Risk Assessment Tool

Family Physicians and other primary care physicians who have participated in CAFP's TEAM-A activities cite the increased use of a CHADS2 tool for risk assessment as the number one change in practice. This easy to use tool is perfect for assessing stroke risk and counseling patients about drug therapy options.

Migraine Screener

Faculty members for CAFP’s most recent migraine education initiative have recommended this screening tool for family physicians and their team members.  It’s quick, easy and efficient.

NDDC Diabetes Flow Chart

Team members say using a flow sheet in practice is one of the easiest improvements they’ve made, and this flow sheet is the single most requested document in CAFP’s diabetes toolkit.

Depression Questionnaire

The PHQ-9 questionnaire is commonly used for depression screening.  These nine questions, with a bonus 10th, can be used to make an initial diagnosis and to monitor severity over time for both newly diagnosed and patients in treatment.

public health resources

In Case of Emergency

Is your office prepared for an emergency? Are you prepared for a natural disaster? CAFP has identified a number of resources to help you be prepared for the next BIG one.

Public Health Resources

These links provide up-to-date information on important public health issues and alerts:

New Two-dose Regimen for HPV Vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

American Public Health Association

For You and Your Patients

Flu Season

West Nile Disease

Ebola Virus

STI Detection and Prevention

First Aid Kit Essentials